Flamingo Casino Hoorn combines excitement and relaxations!

Are you looking for an exciting getaway with an inviting and tasteful ambiance? Then Flamingo Casino Hoorn is your getaway. Flamingo Casino Hoorn will pleasantly surprise you with the allure and beauty of their luxurious casino slot machines. With more than 200 casino games, Flamingo Casino Hoorn provides multiple options fitting your combination of excitement and relaxation. 

Flamingo Casino Hoorn offers a high-profile casino atmosphere, with a playing area of ??1,000 m2 and a variety of electronic games; multiplayer roulette & poker as well as a broad variety of slot machines. The multiplayer electronic casino games provide an exciting gaming experience where 3 to 22 people can play simultaneously. The fun and friendly atmosphere of the multiplayer experience makes Flamingo Casino Hoorn attractive to couples, families, groups, clubs and companies. There are many attractive group packages that enhance the experience.

Entrance to Flamingo Casino Hoorn is free and no matter your limit you can play for as little as 1 cent and to the maximum capped by law using the cashless payment system. Our hosts and hostesses will provide tutorials and offer free snacks and drinks. There are separate gaming areas for non-smokers and smokers. While the ambience, atmosphere and casino are abundantly entertaining, the evenings are further enhanced by our nightlife entertainment and activities!

Flamingo Casino Hoorn is open daily from 9:00 am to 1:00 am. Admission and refreshments are free. Entrances to the Flamingo Casino Hoorn are located in the lobby of Van der Valk Hotel and through the parking lot located in front of the Casino - West Frisian Parkweg 2 in Hoorn.  The minimum entrance age is 18 years. Please carry identification, it may be requested.

For all events, actions and other news, please visit our website www.flamingocasino.nl or follow us on Facebook.