Flamingo Casino

Excitement and relaxation at Flamingo Casino Hoorn 

Flamingo Casino Hoorn is highly recommended if you are looking for an exciting/relaxed trip in an inviting and tasteful ambiance. You will be pleasantly surprised by the allure and look of this attractive, luxury casino. Flamingo offers 1,000 m2 of roulette, poker, multiplayer and a number of slot machines in a sensational casino ambiance. The most remarkable ones are the multiplayer games.  Multiplayer games are electronic casino games such as roulette and poker, allowing several people to play simultaneously: in Hoorn from 3 to even 22 people at the same time. A fun and cosy atmosphere develops by playing together which means that a visit to Flamingo Casino is also appealing to couples, families, groups of friends, clubs and companies. The many appealing packages contribute to this even more.

Entrance to the Flamingo Casino is free. Playing starts at 1 Eurocent and the maximum has been legally maximised. Hostesses and hosts are happy to give game tutorials and treat you to a free snack and drink. Flamingo Casino has a non-smoking room and smoking room. The ambiance, atmosphere and casino games already offer plenty of entertainment, but the feeling of being on a night out is even extra emphasised by the entertainment and the promotions offered in the casino. You play with a cashless pay system at Flamingo Casino. 

Flamingo Casino Hoorn is opened daily from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. tot 01.00. Entrance and consumptions are free. You can reach Flamingo Casino via the lobby of Van der Valk Hotel Hoorn or via the entrance at the parking along the Westfriese Parkweg 2 in Hoorn. Parking is in the front. The minimum age is 18. Proof of identity may be requested when in doubt.

All events, promotions and other news can be found on www.flamingocasino.nl. Or follow us on Facebook. Information about our other branches can also be found on the website.  

Flamingo Casino: the only place to strike it lucky.