Live Cooking Lunch buffet

Our extensive Live Cooking Lunch buffet is presented in our Live Cooking buffet restaurant between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. The dishes are fresh-prepared each day and with the utmost care. You can enjoy various delicious and varied dishes with your family, friends or colleagues during your lunch moment.

The Live Cooking Lunch buffet consists of various hot and cold dishes and a number of dishes are also prepared on the spot for you by our cook. An assortment of luxury breads, various salads and a wide meat and cheese selection. Enjoy free use use of coffee, tea, milk and juices during the lunch buffet.

Adults                              € 18,50
Childeren 3 - 11 year       € 10,25
Childeren under 2 year    Free

Drop by or reserve a table for a lavish Live Cooking Lunch buffet. We’re always happy to have you.